My name is Siân Deia and I am a musical theatre actress with a passion for beauty.

I’ve been in the arts since I was 3 years old starting with ballet then moving on to acting, jazz, contemporary then musical theatre at 16. I trained at @theurdang until I was 21 when I managed to land the Lion King musical as my first professional job (That still blows my

mind whenever I think about it)

I was blessed enough to have an incredible journey doing shows such as Dreamgirls and Motown in the London’s west end.

During my time at Dreamgirls I was also studying beauty therapy where I received my qualifications and specialised in waxing.

I gathered up all the money I could and opened a beauty studio in central London which is where my idea for creating my own brand started..

I’ve always been obsessed with beauty products, my house is full of things I’ve tried and tested.

I noticed after looking at the back of countless of bottles and jars how there was the lack of natural/organic ingredients in the products I was using everyday.

So many of the words looked like absolute
gibberish and that didn’t feel right for me.

It made me think, I can do this.. and do it better! 

So here I am today, introducing my homemade products to the world hoping I can build your trust through my knowledge and understanding skincare and QUALITY ingredients.

My products are handmade with love, vegan friendly and cruelty free. If it’s not quality or has any extra nasties, it’s not going in the jar!! I believe when you buy a product you should know EXACTLY what is in it and WHY it’s good for you.

I can’t wait to share everything I’ve worked on throughout lockdown. I’m all about using the time I’ve been given to make a difference. If I can promote self care and help your skin glow that little bit brighter, then it’s 1000% worth it.

You deserve the best of what life can offer. Luxury is for Everyone. Stick with me, I got you.


Sian Deia