Aloe Clear Ingrown Intense Serum

Aloeclear Ultra roll on is a stronger formulation for people with darker skin types or for those who suffer with continual ingrown hairs or razor rash after any kind of hair removal.


Featuring Shea Butter for maximum skin moisturisation and higher levels of Glycolic acid for maximum exfoliation.

Aloeclear ULTRA will quickly and effectively combat even the most extreme cases of ingrown hair particularly on the bikini line and on shaving bumps on the neck.


Having the same low sting formula that the original Aloeclear has and so is comfortable and pleasant to use. The ULTRA formula has proved most beneficial for people suffering with breakouts or acne due to the Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid in the formulation, never leaves skin oily or greasy.

Aloe Clear Ingrown Intense Serum

  • Apply 24 hours after waxing then as often as possible for the first two weeks. After two weeks use at least twice a day for maintenance.

    Pair this with our Comfort Balm for amazing results!

  • Best for those who struggle with ingrowns regularly and have a darker skin tone. This serum helps with hyper-pigmentation that can develop with pesky ingrown hairs.
    This serum provides and intense exfoliation so please moisturise whilst using this product.