DB Eyelash and Brow TLC Serum

If lashes and brows are your thing ( like me) you’re gonna love what I’ve put together.

I can honestly say I’ve been trying out tons of mixtures for over a year before I found this formula.
Natural-Vegan-And it works!

This serum was made to encourage healthy lashes and brows. Packed with castor oil and vitamin E rich ingredients, this serum will make your lashes and brow hair stronger, healthier and fuller.

DB Eyelash and Brow TLC Serum

  • Use the Mascara wand and gently comb through lashes and brows every night before bed.
    Everyones hair growth is different, so be patient and consistant.

    Trust me with this one.

  • Perfect bit of TLC if you love to wear lash extensions and are taking a break, or if you’ve over plucked and want a fuller look again. I believe natural ingredients over chemicals especially when it comes to hair growth and maintenance. 

    Contains Jamaican black castor oil and Vitamin E Rich goodness.

    This product is:

    • Vegan
    • Cruelty free
    • Organic 
    • Black owned brand