DB At Home Self Care Box

Bring Deia Beauty to your doorstep with this luxury box!
Full of incredible products to help you prepare your skin before hair removal and to look after your skin after hair removal ! 

No matter if you shaved, waxed or used creams during lockdown, I’ve got you covered!!

This box will also help keep ingrown hair bumps at bay.



DB At Home Self Care Box

£50.00 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price
  • 1x DB Exfoliating Mitt

    1x DB  Mini Body Scrub

    1x Ashmira Ingrown Hair Serum

    1x  Ashmira Intimate balm, 

    1x  DB Aloe Vera gel, 

    1x Mini Bath Bomb

    1x Fruit Herbal Tea Bag, 

    1x Sheet Face Mask, 

    1x Lavender and Mint Tea Candle

    All items are vegan and cruelty free.